Take a closer look at the dryrobe Rio

Take a closer look at the dryrobe Rio

It's a year to the day that the Rio Olympic Games drew to a close - a huge year for Team GB coming second in the medal table but also a huge year for us at dryrobe. We were incredibly proud for dryrobe to be used as the official team kit for Team GB - this was the stuff of dreams for us! If you don't know the full story, check it out HERE.

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The dryrobes produced for Team GB had a few key differences - most noticeably the addition of the new zip-off sleeve design. Ever since the Olympics, we were getting constant requests for this to be brought into our range - we listened, and are excited to bring you the limited edition dryrobe RIO.

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Team GB athletes were the driving force behind dryrobe being used at the Games - the athletes already using them informed the team that this was the kit that they needed. 

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The addition of the zip-off sleeve combines the extra warmth of the long sleeve dryrobe with the versatility of the short sleeve option. Whatever the situation, we've got you covered.

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Currently only available in the limited edition Olympic colours - with navy blue outer and red lining - check out the dryrobe Rio HERE. (Remember - not available with the Team GB branding!)

dryrobe, rio, olympic games, team gb, olympics, change robe

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